Nvidia’s latest RTX 3050 possibly the closing withinside the Ampere family


Eyes have grew to become to what lies beforehand with RTX 4000. Unfortunately, that glimmer at the horizon is probably a massive fireball, in all likelihood emblazoned with the words “Ada Lovelace.” Nvidia’s subsequent-era RTX 4000 GPU structure is reportedly so electricity-hungry we are hoping the rumors aren’t true. If they’re, an lousy lot of game enthusiasts may also want electricity deliver enhancements simply to run the card.

According to stated Twitter GPU soothsayer Greymon55 through Videocardz, Nvidia’s upcoming AD102 chip, which represents the whole model of it’s subsequent-gen structure, will are available 3 versions. The versions will reportedly eat 450W, 650W, and an eye-popping 850W, aleven though Greymon55 provides that that is challenge to change. They additionally stated in a later tweet that what they’re posting aren’t always “leaks,” however extra simply their personal “mind and guesses,” so pass and discover the most important grain of salt you may to eat with this information. Interestingly, every other well-known GPU-predicting Twitter account chimed in as well, pronouncing they’ve heard comparable rumors however with barely decrease TGP values. Twitter user @kopite7kimi stated, “That’s only a rumor. I’ve heard 450/600/800W for 80/80Ti/ninety before. But the entirety isn’t always confirmed.” We need to pause right here and admire the irony of 1 rumor monger telling every other it’s “only a rumor.”

Also, if you’re wondering it might be simply Nvidia launching a GPU with those varieties of insane electricity requirements, assume again. Greymon55 notes that they might simplest do it to in shape or satisfactory AMD, and wouldn’t do it if AMD deliberate to release 350W RDNA3 cards, for example, which might be due across the equal time as Nvidia’s Lovelace cards. They wrote on Twitter that for AMD’s subsequent-gen “electricity intake will now no longer be low, however possibly now no longer crazy.” Going lower back to the Nvidia rumors, Greymon55 additionally tweeted that all and sundry who predicted to shop for an AD1020-primarily based totally GPU, together with an RTX 4080 Ti or 4090, might want a 1,500W electricity deliver. As you can recall, we formerly mentioned on those Twitter money owed formerly published rumored specifications for each Nvidia’s AD102 and AMD’s RDNA3 cards, and if they’re everywhere near the reality each camps are taking the “all weapons blazing” course for his or her upcoming GPUs. What could be specially thrilling withinside the subsequent spherical of the GPU wars is each groups are the use of TSMC’s 5nm process, that is the primary time in latest reminiscence that each groups will proportion production generation for competing product lines. We wrote on the time that those GPUs ought to grow to be eating round 500W, which appeared excessive on the time. Now there are rumors that the incoming RTX 3090 Ti may come near that range itself, with rumors circulating it would eat 450W.

It makes experience that electricity intake may boom in Nvidia’s subsequent-gen merchandise no matter transferring to a smaller production node (8nm to 5nm). The dying of Dennard scaling in 2004 has left GPU producers not able to lessen voltage to atone for better clock speeds and we are able to see that meditated withinside the manner GPU TDPs have progressively climbed over the previous few years.

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