How to Become a UX Designer


Would you like to become a UX designer or improve your UX skills? Follow this guide on how to become a UX designer to build a successful career in the UX field. This article covers the basics of UX, how I moved from being a web designer to specializing in UX, and some tips in & resources to help you on your path to do the same.

What is UX Design?
People often ask “What is UX Design?” because there are a variety of definitions and it isn’t always clear. By definition, UX is designing for the user’s experience by enhancing usability, interaction, accessibility, and emotion. The term UX design allows us to reframe what a modern web designer does.

what is ux design definition
Initially, building websites meant putting text content online. Then we gained the ability to add design to that content, becoming more like print layout design. I think the term ‘web designer’ generally means someone who does layout design for the internet. Now that the web has become a key piece of business, not only for content but also for software, we need a new set of skills. The title UX designer gives a name to that next level of web design skills.

How to Become a UX Designer
A UX designer is someone who understands how users interact with software and focuses on those users when designing a product. The exact requirements of a UX designer may vary based on the organization they work for, but this broad skill set includes:

conducting user research
site architecture
user testing
UI designing
In a smaller organization, a UX designer may perform all of these tasks, but in large teams the responsibilities will usually be divided into specialties. These various titles include UX Researcher, UX Designer, Information Architect, and UI Designer.

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