Get To Know Global Sevilla Cambridge School Jakarta!

Get To Know Global Sevilla Cambridge School Jakarta!


Cambridge school or the school with Cambridge curriculum is known as one of the best international education. It comes with international brand education and syllabus, thus improving the learning quality and scope. Among many Cambridge schools in Jakarta, Global Sevilla can be one of the best options to take. Why and what makes them attractive? 

Cambridge Curriculum Offers

Cambridge curriculum itself is one of the international standards for education. Many schools around the world use the syllabus to develop positive and flexible learning. The underlining principle of the curriculum itself is to give the best education based on the student’s interests and talents, which is important for further development. 

For a global education scope, Cambridge has been used as a standard qualification. It make students a bigger and better chance of being accepted into most educational institutions abroad. It goes with the fact that the students can develop skills and abilities following international performance, thus allowing them to face international careers. 

Global Sevilla As Cambridge Education Body 

Global Sevilla itself is known as a Cambridge school Jakarta because it has and implements the syllabus at its academic levels. The flexible curriculum allows the school to use cross-cultural learning. It allows the education body to develop the best and most fitting learning for their student’s levels, including mixing local and other syllabi without losing the Indonesians’ identity.    

Another good note is how Global Sevilla is a school that also pinpoints the personal development of the students. It means developing better character, teaching values, and learning effectively with a unique approach. The mission and principle are pretty much in line with the curriculum’s purpose. Allow the school to develop the best education for students. 

Different curricula at every academic level at Global Sevilla 

To develop the best learning for every student, global Sevilla gives its academic level with the varying international syllabus. In the youngest academic level of playgroup and kindergarten, the school implement IEYC or international early years curriculum. It is an international curriculum from Fieldwork education in the UK. 

The Cambridge school Jakarta started to implement its syllabus through primary school to secondary school. At primary, the school uses Cambridge primary checkpoint and IPC from Fieldwork education. In the secondary level, the curriculums used as the lower secondary checkpoint, Cambridge IGCSE, and Cambridge International A level and A.  

As said in the article, parents can see how the quality of education in global Sevilla is pretty high and clear. The school uses Cambridge to provide the best education quality, scope, and standard.  It even has a range of education details, which make the school flexible learning activities for all levels. Check out Global Sevilla for your children’s future.Reference:

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